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Practical Gold

As a significant practical aside to this, how does one actually buy pieces of gold for the storage of wealth? I’ll limit this to gold you can hold as investment forms are really too extensive to cover at this time … Continue reading

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He who holds the gold makes the rules

‘He who holds the gold makes the rules’ is a saying that holds more truth than a surface reading indicates. It is not simply a statement that those who are rich get to make up the rules through the influence … Continue reading

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Speed Limits: Fatal Frustration.

Speed limits are good. Arbitrary limits on what those can be are not. At best, speed limits that are poorly related to current conditions are frustrating; at worst they are fatal. Slower is not always safer and this needs to be recognized. Continue reading

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Universal suffrage

We view the right of all adults to vote as one of the foundational principles of democracy. It is not, and should not be. The right to vote should always be conditional on an individual’s contribution to the costs of government. Continue reading

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The Missing Link: Wealth Storage

Money as we know it does not serve effectively as a store of wealth. It has no inherent value and constantly decreases in value over time. Other characteristics that are desirable in a store of wealth are density of value, … Continue reading

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Currency and Wealth: Splitting the Dollar

Money, as we know it today, performs two functions. One is that it acts as currency, meaning it has the ability to purchase different types of goods. Money also acts as wealth, meaning that it has the capacity to store … Continue reading

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