These three remain

Faith, Hope and Love. When all else fails, these three remain and carry us forward. It is easy these days to look forward and be dismayed at the difficulties we face, not only personally but also as communities and nations. Work is difficult to find for many, communities suffer as major industries close down, and most developed nations are suffering under the combination of severe debt and falling asset values. Some, like Greece and the US, are already in the position where they will never be able to pay back the debts they owe and will either have to significantly devalue their currency or default. Unfortunately many other nations will be put under severe duress when that happens and some will end up in the same position, and the problem will expand. Any way you look at, anywhere you live, the next 3-5 years are not going to be easy.

When all else fails, these three remain. Faith; not in the strength of man or the systems he has established, but in a unchanging, just, loving God. Faith provides certainty and absolutes in a world where nothing is as it was. Hope; the bedrock certainty that tomorrow can yet be better than today, despite all evidence to the contrary. Hope gives strength to continue and revitalises others by example. Love; the relationships we establish with those around us, that grow stronger in adversity and cause us to first think of others and then of ourselves. Love gives us reason to continue, and grounds both hope and faith in something of value here and now.

So do not look forward in dismay, nor pretend that trouble won’t occur. Take courage and prepare now while opportunity remains. Work harder, plan ahead, build relationships with others, both personally and commercially, reduce debt, accumulate resources that will be of value and others that will retain their value. Savor the opportunities to relax and regenerate.

Because these three remain.


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