Tolerance and Equality: The drivers of cultural decay

Tolerance: to allow or accept something you know to be wrong.  Equality: to be of the same value.  The increasing and blind incorporation of these two principles as values into our society is not so slowly eating away at our culture and identity as ‘Western’ nations.

‘Tolerance’ requires that we cease to discriminate; that we cease to discern; that we cease to think critically.  It imposes on us a mindset that one view is not more right than another, that there are no actions and beliefs which are inherently wrong.  It leads to a failure of rational thought, and ultimately to the death of culture.  Any culture which stands on a basis of tolerance can and will be subsumed by other cultures, because the critical thought that defends culture against decay is suppressed.  Thus, if you value the culture you are a part of, the spreading of a message of tolerance into your culture must be opposed, as it is a direct attack on your culture’s foundations.  ‘What you tolerate dominates.’

Ever noted that those who preach tolerance are the least tolerant?  They want others to be tolerant, so that their beliefs can grow, yet to be tolerant themselves would inhibit the spread of their culture.  ‘If you would dominate, cultivate tolerance in others.’

‘We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal’ . This is a statement that gets little consideration, a basis statement of American culture that has spread around the world.  To disagree would mean that you disagreed with something that (wiser?) others considered ‘self evident’.  But think about this for a second.  On what basis are ‘all men created equal’?  We aren’t robots or machines off a production line; we are all created differently.  That is ‘self-evident’.  A general ‘equality’ is not self-evident, in fact it is self-evidently false.

‘Every individual has value’ is an important truth that should not be set aside.  We each have value economically, value relationally.  But we are not of equal value by either of these measures.  ‘To one was given 10 talents, to another 5 talents, and to yet another 1 talent.’  That is life; we are not equally equipped, equally resourced or equally loved.  Hard, but inescapably true.

When you get down to it, the core, true, thought of the ‘created equal’ statement is not that we are the same.  Neither is it that we have the same value.  It is that we are all human, and share a commonality that is inalienable.  That despite our differences, there is an element of sameness to all of us.  That we were equally, each, created.

So how is the unjustified extrapolation of being ‘equally created’ to being ‘created equal’ detrimental to society?  This error of scope justifies the advantage given to one person, or one group, being given to another.  It promotes the spread of concepts from one area to another.  It leads to ever increasing government, and ever decreasing social responsibility.

While tolerance allows a cultural decay to take root, equality allows it to spread throughout the culture.

One of the greatest joys and greatest hardships of humanity is its diversity.  We are equally created, not created equal.  I encourage you to embrace diversity; to be considerate, but not tolerant; to think critically, not indiscriminately; and to be personally responsible both for and with the talents you have been entrusted with.


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