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My journey of discovery over the last few months has been fascinating for me. Many of those who know me realise that I know at least a bit about most subjects (with the major exceptions of music and movies, about which I remain shockingly clueless). Economics was another of those areas until about this time last year. Filling in the blanks has been a captivating process; economics is a diverse subject filled with disagreement, ignorance and insight.

For anyone who wants to do their own exploration, here are a few sites that I found provided insight into where we have come from, and where we are going. Like me, they are largely an eclectic bunch.

Antal Fekete has written an incredible amount on the subject of economics, and the development of our economic system from primitive bartering on through. Go to the articles on ‘Money and Credit’ and read through from the bottom up.

Steven Keen is an associate professor in Sydney looking into economics from the perspective of stocks(pools of resources) and flows(exchange of resources). Some significant insights that are still developing – research underway. Good for developing the general picture, not yet applicable to specific situations, important to understand nonetheless.

Bron Suchecki writes GoldChat, and now the Perth Mint’s official blog on their new online bullion sales site. Worth reading for an insiders perspective and understanding on how that industry works. One of the things you find is that there is a lot of comment out there about gold that has no basis in reality – this is a place to ground yourself.

Friend of Friend of Another (yes there is a story, and yes it is worth following) gives a top level perspective on the events happening today, and where things are heading. Deep insights into world monetary events, the difficulty the world now finds itself in, and how that will play out over the next few years.


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