Representative Representation

I was a little disheartened earlier tonight seeing the first bits and pieces of the Liberal’s response to the state budget come out. When you see that they want to talk about flushing another $100 million down the ‘new homes’ drain, in the context of a Labor-Green government that will have overspent its income by some $1,100 million over its three year term, you are inevitably reminded that we get the government we deserve.
If a government has to spend money without thought to the consequence – or at least promote that – to win power, then that is what they will do. It’s no good railing at the Liberals for betraying their principles – they are simply doing what must be done to win power in Tasmania at the moment.
The interesting thing is that you can feel and hear the unrest here as well – people who are looking for real change but not finding it in any of the options available. And to some extent, the two major parties cannot cater to that nascent desire; to be parties of government, they must cater to the bulk of the population. And by that measure the Liberals are doing well, aided in no small part by a Labor party that has abandoned its base both federally and locally in an effort to mitigate the effects of the Green encroachment.
No, it will require either a ‘movement’ or another party, possibly both, to see the state actually restore integrity, honesty and circumspection to government. We, as individuals, as a community, need to realise what we have lost to the creeping expansion of government power and influence.
It is not healthy that more than half the state be dependant upon the government for its income, yet that is the situation we are in. It is a direct, inevitable result of the system we have established, but it leads surely to corruption, nepotism on a grand scale, and eventual decay.
It is not healthy to be dependant on the wider nation for our continued existence. Make all the excuses you will, but we should not in an ongoing manner fail to pull our own weight. To do this we will need to reclaim our basis as a naturally productive state, and resolve to move away from the growing waste of our productive capacity, the facilitation of unproductive residents, the poor use of land.
It is not healthy to hand over to the government responsibility for the very things that bring out the noble in us; generosity and charity, the responsibility of discrimination, the value of health, education and improving ourselves. These have been lost to welfare, anti-social bigotry disguised as tolerance, and reliance on ‘costless’ services.
It is not healthy for a community to harbour elements that actively work to destroy and the community that hosts them.

We as a community have become sick, and it is necessarily reflected in our government. Change cannot, and will not, come from the political structures that exist now. Change can only come from within, and time is short.


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