Federal Expansion

It’s worth having a look at the federal budget expenses and comparing it to the intent and scope that it was set up to have.

So first – here’s the figures for the next few years, straight off the government web page.

And because it is a touch long to just copy here, a link to the relevant section of the constitution.

Compare the two.  Firstly, note that section xxiiiA (in bold at the link) was added as an amendment immediately after the second world war, and now makes up about a third of the budget.

Health isn’t on the list.  Neither is education.  There goes another quarter of the budget.

Housing, recreation, fuel, industry, transport aren’t on the list, at least not is non-specific terms.

Other purposes?

So.  A third of our federal budget goes on stuff that was not part of the original intent.  A third or more goes on stuff that is not (legal weaselling aside) part of the federal remit.

A federal budget formed on the basis of the intent at federation would be less than a third of what it is today.

Just something to think about.


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