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Land ownership : a subtle misnomer

We commonly accept that land is owned in our culture.  If we want to get picky, and most don’t, we would say that title to land is owned.  But we do that without realising that there is actually a difference, … Continue reading

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The Point One Percent: Changing the Rules of the Game

The ‘point one percent’ impose an insidious cost on the community far beyond their own benefit, for they enable all parasitic behaviour. If your parents had established a system which ensured that the best returns on investment were those that advantaged the community, the wealth of the community they enabled would be double what it is now. Continue reading

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Rates and Rationales

The state government has recently issued a draft report into the rating bases in use in Tasmania; so recent that there isn’t yet a copy online. I’m awaiting a copy myself, but in the meantime reports are that the state … Continue reading

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