We can do this the easy way, or…

When those words are said, you never assume that this way is easy; there is always a cost involved.  The cost is just less than the alternative.

There are four aspects of governance we need to change: the state must tax the state, and only the state; the people who pay the state’s bills must have a upper house that represents them and only them; the responsibility for discrimination must be held by the community and only by the community; and we must learn to value nature that is productive, and productivity that is natural.

This is the easy way.

I believe in a Tasmania that thrives in and because of adversity, that has an inclination to step out of its comfort zone and make something of itself.  That is our history, and it is our future.

Men and women were sent to Macquarie Harbour as the worst of the worst; they set about building the best boat hulls the world had seen to that point.  Making use of the exceptional natural resources that Tasmania had to offer, and combining it with technology and productivity.

And then government stepped on it.

Which also is part of the story of this place.   The clash between the frontier and the urbane.  At our best, we are personally engaged with the natural wonder of this place we live.  We work on and within the frontier, pushing back against the wild and growing from the experience. When we isolate ourselves from the elemental, the wild, the uncontrollable, the uncivilised aspects of life, it lessens us.  In isolation from the wonder that surrounds us we become insular, our self focus festering within our communities. People grow to miss something they cannot identify for they have no experience of it.  They seek to preserve nature rather than engage it, because the thought that they have kept something ‘other’ gives them comfort in their civilised emptiness.  Yet that very act distances not only themselves but others from the very thing we as a community missing when we disengage with the frontier.  Communion, in community.

That then is the point of exhortation.  Engage the place around you, with the people around you.  Communicate more.  Achieve more.  Explore more.  Take more risk.  Have influence.  Be influenced by those you want to emulate.

For we do find ourselves in a difficult place, make no bones about that.  Our federal government spends 10% more than it takes in, vainly projecting a better tomorrow that cannot come while it continues to do so.  Our state government does the same.  Do not be the third link in a chain to disaster.  Hope for a better future, but don’t count on it coming tomorrow.  Do not count on a new government doing a new thing.  Your future gets better each day you produce more than you spend, but that means working a bit more today, and a bit more tomorrow.  As we each do that, each day, Tasmania’s bright future moves a day closer.


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Ideas. Dreams. Collector of alternative perspectives. Engineering. Education. Politics. Photography. Whatever else catches my attention.
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